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Que faire à Saint Florent Corse ?
Que faire a Saint florent


Que faire à Saint Florent Corse

Visit Saint-Florent in Corsica means discovering a village located in one of the most beautiful gulf of the Mediterranean sea.

Capitale du Nebbiu et deuxième port de plaisance de l’île de beauté, c’est un incontournable lors de votre voyage en Corse.

Saint-Florent is moreover best known for being the entry point to the Agriates desert, renowned for its beaches ranked among the most beautiful on the island!

In order to help you prepare your stay, I have therefore prepared this Top 12 things to see and to do in Saint-Florent : you won't miss any of the places of interest in the village and its surroundings.

En fin d’article, vous trouverez une carte pour vous repérer facilement.

C'est parti, que faire à Saint Florent ?

1 - The Agriates Desert

Pierre Benoit wrote: "it looks like an immense field of bones, a remote and disturbing land, the imagination willingly wanders: the dolmens are ships of the ogre and the bridges are constructions of the Devil..."

This is a wonderful description of the Agriates. Don't be fooled by its name, this desert is in fact one of the greatest natural sites on the Mediterranean coast. Populated by all kinds of animals, waterways, dense and impenetrable vegetation, gullied rocks: it is a real Corsican oasis.

On the other hand, there is no habitation or trace of human life. But what a joy to take adventure paths in a rocky, luminous and wild symphony that has discouraged all the estate agents. As the flagship of things to do in Saint-Florent, you can get there by the customs path, on foot or by mountain bike, by road or by sea.

On site, you can hike between the shores and the hinterland or sunbathe on a beach worthy of the Bahamas (Saleccia, Beaches of Cap Corse, Ghignu ou Lotu).

Que Faire À Saint Florent

What to do in Saint Florent?

Que Faire À Saint Florent

What to do in Saint Florent?

2 - The cathedral of Nebbiu

Also known as the church of Santa Maria Assunta, it is located at the exit of Saint Florent on the road leading to Poggio d'Oletta. This well restored medieval building is still used as a place of worship. We suppose that it was built in the 12th century between 1125 and 1140, it was protected in 1840 and placed as a historical monument 35 years later.

This cathedral has crossed the centuries and not without a journey, abandoned following the malaria epidemic, the cathedral even benefited from a bell tower destroyed in the 19th century following a radical restoration of the Corsican building.

We advise you to go directly to the site of this cathedral during your holiday in Corsica to find out more.

Que Faire À Saint Florent

What to do in Saint Florent?

Que Faire À Saint Florent

What to do in Saint Florent?

3 - The citadel of Saint-Florent

Built in 1440 on the orders of Janus Campofregoso, at the same time as the town of St Florent. The citadel watches over the gulf which it dominates.

Strategically, the stronghold protects the rear of Bastia, commands the Conca d'Oro plain and the Nebbiu, protecting the bottleneck that leads this rich agricultural area to the sea.

Even if the anchorages for large sailing ships are difficult, especially on stormy days, the gulf plays a significant role in the Mediterranean. Admiral Nelson, victorious at Aboukir and Trafalgar, said of the place: "... give me the Gulf of St Florent, and I will prevent a single ship from leaving Marseille or Toulon...".

The citadel was once Genoese, Aragonese, French, Anglo-Corsican, Italian and of course Corsican. It was the seat of the Governor of Nebbiu and ended up as a gendarmerie barracks. The rock on which the latter and the town were built was probably not virgin.

It must have been the ancient sanctuary where, until the 12th century, the relics of Saint Florent were kept, which were later taken to Treviso to save them from Saracen plunder.

According to Filippini, at the time of its construction, a large number of funerary urns were removed, on which inscriptions in Latin stated that a great battle had taken place near here, perhaps the battle of the Field of the Myrtles at the time of the Roman colonisation.

After the departure of the gendarmerie from its walls, the buildings remained the property of the army, which prevented any attempt at rehabilitation by the town hall for many years.

The citadel has been listed since 18 October 1994.

Que Faire À Saint Florent

What to do in Saint Florent?

Que Faire À Saint Florent

What to do in Saint Florent?

4 - The fine sandy beaches

The unspoilt beaches of Saint-Florent are among the most beautiful in Corsica.

  • Lotu beach is ideal, wild. The surrounding mountains, its white sand, its crystal clear water hemmed in with red coral particles will enhance your relaxation. In addition, its slope is gentle and swimming is protected.


  • La plage Saleccia dont l’orientation la rend parfois plus exposée aux vents est une merveille ; très longue, avec du sable blanc tout doux, de l’eau turquoise et des pins d’Alep qui vous offrent de l’ombre bien agréable en été !


  • La plage Malfalcu encore un petit coin de paradis dans les eaux cristallines de l’Agriate. Cachée à 3/4 d’heure de navigation du port de Saint-Florent, il faudra dépasser Saleccia et Ghignu pour découvrir cette petite crique perdue. Contrairement aux autres plages du Golfe, elle est peu fréquentée en saison, seuls les connaisseurs « tirent » jusqu’à Malfalcu pour sa tranquillité mais aussi pour ses qualités d’abris naturel en cas de vent d’ouest.


  • West of Saint-Florent, at the bottom of the gulf, hides the plage de la Roya. This beach is a real paradise for families, as the bottom is shallow. Numerous water activities are offered on site: windsurfing, canoeing, jet-skiing, diving...
Que Faire À Saint Florent

What to do in Saint Florent?

Que Faire À Saint Florent

What to do in Saint Florent?

5 - Le chemin de Saint-Florent à Saleccia

Cette route n’est pas recommandée aux voitures à cause de son sol non carrossable mais idéale à pied, à cheval, en VTT ou 4X4.

6 - The market of Saint Florent

The market takes place every first Wednesday of the month along the banks of the Aliso in the heart of the village of Saint-Florent. It is full of local products offered by local producers or sedentary traders from Upper Corsica. You will also find gastronomic products and handicrafts.

7 - The small marina

Formerly a fishermen's harbour, it is now home to pleasure boats.

L’attrait majeur du port de Saint-Florent est incontestablement sa situation en plein cœur du village, au pied des remparts de la Citadelle vous permettant ainsi de flâner le long des quais colorés et pittoresques.

8 - The wine road

Inland, a wine-growing landscape awaits you where the vines stretch as far as the eye can see, particularly in the village of Patrimonio where a wine is made that is renowned beyond the island's borders.

Discover the 33 estates on nearly 5000 ha.

9 - Handicrafts in the Agriates region

Craftsmanship is very present in the Nebbiu Conca d'Oru. Artists are happy to welcome you to their workshops to show you their creations. Ceramic potters offer a wide range of tableware and decorative ceramics. All the production is done by hand by the craftsmen who are happy to give a throwing demonstration.

You will also find craftsmen in cutlery and painting.

10 - Sports activities

If you have decided to visit Saint-Florent and its surroundings for some time, you will have the choice between several activities to keep you busy:

  • Rent a jet ski in the Gulf of Saint-Florent
  • Du parachute ascensionnel 
  • Paddle ou kayak
  • Flyboard to try out some acrobatic figures above the water
  • A microlight flight over St Florent and the Agriates to contemplate the paradisiacal beaches
  • Windsurfing, water skiing
  • Boat hire without a licence or with a licence
  • Canyoning
  • Paragliding
  • Horseback riding
  • VTT, Quad, Buggy

There really is something for everyone!

What to do in Saint Florent?

11 - Festivals in Saint Florent

  • The Porto Lationo Festival is usually held in August. It aims to showcase new talent.
  • De juin à juillet, les Orientales propose tout un programme pour donner au public un éventail d’œuvres aux couleurs de la culture orientale. 
  • In June, the contemporary art festival prepares various activities, free shows and workshops so that the public can learn about different art techniques.

What to do in Saint Florent?

12 - Restoration

Find quality restaurants during your organised trip to Corsica. Here are some examples of magnificent places where taste is at the forefront:

  • La Gaffe : Chef Yann Le Scavarec, a native of Morbihan, is at the helm of this restaurant ideally located on the quays of Saint-Florent. His cuisine, modern and meticulous, highlights the local produce: lamb and veal from Oletta, fish directly from a local fisherman, barbecued lobster...
  • L'Auberge du Pêcheur: Damien Muller, a fisherman and owner of the Saint-Christophe fishmonger's, runs an open-air restaurant in the courtyard garden of his childhood home. On the plate, seafood cuisine (lobster in season) with fish prepared using the ikejime method.
  • L'Olivier: In a very competitive area, L'Olivier has distinguished itself by its attractive prices. But in the end you will be seduced by the tastes and flavours offered in the Corsican menu.
Que Faire À Saint Florent

What to do in Saint Florent?

Que Faire À Saint Florent

What to do in Saint Florent?

About 25km from Bastia, Saint Florent is a picturesque little village built flush with the water at the bottom of one of the most beautiful gulfs in the Mediterranean.

After reading this article the question "What to do in Saint Florent?" no longer arises.

Que Faire À Saint Florent

En savoir plus : Mairie de Saint Florent.